Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting all over again (Remember)

Remember the first rain you saw?
It was the day we first met.
I saw your eyes on me
And my eyes on you
Why do you have to look away?

Remember the first rain that tapped your head?
It was my tears
Tears of longingness to be with you
To hug and to hold
Why do you have to look away?

Remember the first rain that touched your skin?
It was my embrace
It was me holding you with warmth, joy and love.
I can feel your pain
I knew you needed me
Yet still, why do you have to look away?

Remember the first rain that flowed down through your lips?
It was the time we first kissed
The Heavens witnessed our love, and it cried…
Grieving with the voices of our pasts
Screaming with the voices of thunder.. our names.
They joined us together as one
Yet we still don’t know it
‘cause we kept on looking away?

Remember the rain, seventh day of July
We are lying together under the crying sky
I see your eyes on me
And my eyes on you
This is the world we will start anew.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Butterflies fluttering inside my stomach…


I once dreamt about a fascinating love story before…

~ I was in a jungle, full of wild animals, canopying trees and slippery grass full of dew. I was very scared.

I walked around and all of a sudden, I heard a clamoring crowd nearby… they were clapping, singing, laughing and whistling with joy… I looked after it and at last…

Feels like I’ve found an oasis in a desert. I saw people smiling not concerned about the dangers in the place. I wonder what’s up with them…

“ Here she comes, here she comes!” exclaimed the boy next to me.

Who’s coming?”I asked. My eyes on their direction.

“ There!” they pointed to the sunset, and before I could say a word, a beautiful maiden came into view… the crowd clapped and whistled… even more…

As the lady approached nearer and nearer, things just came into clear vision… I was in a wedding ceremony. A fascinatingly weird wedding… I began to realize that all the ladies around me wore a short, green, fairy-like dresses like that of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. Their hairstyles alike and they all have wings while all men wore tuxedos…

“ Tuxedos in a jungle? And where does these winged women came from?” I asked myself bewildered.

All of them wore pretty garlands around their necks. I also realized they’re all floating from the ground. Along with the butterflies fluttering and bubbles bubbling around.” This is weird..” I thought.

“ Here she comes, here she comes!” a girl giggled with excitement.

My eyes were fixed once again on the lovely bride… She was so beautiful! Her hair went along with the wind as it almost touched her knee. She wore the same dress like that on the girls around only she stood out because of her stunningly beautiful face. She wore a white, transparent overdress that has reached the ground. Even though her face was hidden underneath her veil, I saw her pearly-white smile and her luscious lips. She wore a garland of tulips on her head and she’s holding some with her hands. She looked graceful as the wind blew. It fanned her long and curly hair and her veil widened like Angel’s wings on her back. The sunset gave radiance on her being, like saint’s aura. She got nearer and nearer.

She reached the end of the altar. That’s the time I spotted the groom. He’s so handsome with his awesome prince outfit, completed with sword and armor. He reached out his hand for his bride, bended on his knee and kissed the ladies hand,that made the lady giggled and blushed. Everybody giggled with her… I giggled… then I sneezed… I felt that butterflies fluttering inside my stomach....

....and then I woke up…

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the midst of the crowd…

There’s nothing out of ordinary on the first glance. It abstracted in my sight, in somehow a quite good mode. Playing upbringing music, crowd clamoring with joy, band playing… that is absurd to the yarn… but there’s no unusual feeling. What about butterflies in the stomach? None…

When I first saw him, he was just doing what he was ought to do… not even being aware that I was there looking in a guy they said was popular on the crowd. I keenly look at him while he’s engage into something…Nothing really unusual.

“that guy…? Hmm… he look so anemic… with that long curly hair, and bony fingers? Not to mention his bulbous eyes… it looked as though he have not slept in ages! What’s great in him? I said to myself as I study the guy who they say has, ‘fire on the keys’… in the midst of the crowd I observed him… hmm.. nothing really unusual…

Oooohh... I love butterflies!

I love butterflies...♥

Is it because of its colorful wings?
Probably yes...
Its cheerful flutter?

But what I like best about butterflies is the whole itself.
the one it represents... My life...

....One day,as I was exploring a new place. I spotted a fluttering butterfly nearby.
It rested itself on a purple flower blossom. I armed myself and tried to catch it.
I Succeeded.

As I was examining it in my hand I began thinking where it started...

.....from a leaf-crawler worm... a suffering cocoon....
......emerging into a beautiful butterfly in my hand..

I suddenly realized how I can parallel my life to this graceful creature...

......From a shy little girl who knows nothing but to stay near her parents.
She depended on them no matter what.
She's like a worm who depends on the tree she's living-- for food, for shelter,
for everything.
She crawled in the lives of her parents for living...

......The time came when she needed to decide on her own.
She realized that living a life is harder when you grow older.
She struggled as she grew up. Its like her struggles added up
and became her cocoon.
It swallowed her more... and more.. and more...

........ Then she woke up one day decided that she needed to make a decision
to make her own life. She rose from he deep slumber of tranquility.
Just like a fully grown butterfly emerging from her cocoon.
Although she suffers. It makes her strong... stronger... and stronger...
Eventually, she succeeded getting out of her shell. She's living her own life...
Care free... Living free...
Just like a graceful butterfly, although her life is short.
She's still living it happily. Fluttering on every flower of oppportunity she can get.
She's happy and free...

I intentionallly losen my grip and let the lovely insect took off.I watched it as it flew
on every flowers around. It seems to be enjoying what its doing.....

........Just like " she"....

♥Shy♥ 052808